Advertising with Netcraft

Traffic & Pricing currently generates about 2.25 million 468*60 and skyscraper banner impressions per month [about 4.5 million in total], and will accept orders of $1500 [$15CPM] and up, with discounts on larger buys.


Current or recent advertisers include 1&1, Microsoft, Peer1, Rackspace, Softlayer, Symantec & Telecity.

Geographical Analysis

Accesses to the site are cosmopolitan, with more than 30% of page views originating from the US, UK and Russia. Banners can be targeted to a particular country or group of countries by IP address.


The site is a good vehicle for corporate visibility to technology companies. Accesses from & account for about 1% of total requests. The site is regularly monitored by technology journalists and has featured in many publications including the BBC, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Business Week, The Economist, the Financial Times, and Slashdot. Over 15,000 people currently subscribe to receive articles by electronic mail. This list is very cosmopolitan, and is primarily made up of people running web sites but also contains several stock market analysts, well known analysts at market research companies, leading journalists, nearly all the Apache core team, and several of the W3 standards group.

An RSS feed has recently been launched and is being taken by around 50 news aggregation systems.The survey is usually cited or featured in several technology articles or press releases each month;

Netcraft was also included in PC Magazine’s Top 100 Classic Web Sites. PC Magazine is one of the world’s leading computer publications with a readership of 6 million people.

A key feature is the Survey’s ability to sustain the respect of both the free software and commercial communities over a long period of time.


Of the last 1500 people to register for the Web Server Survey announcement mail, these were the most common job titles [job title is not compulsory on registration].

People Job Title
78  Director/cto
77  Technical consultant
69  Webmaster
50  Student
49  Web Developer
46  System Administrator
46  Software Engineer
37  President
35  Project Manager
29  CEO
23  Vice President
20  Network Administrator

Reporting Information

Statistics are available via weekly mailed reports [csv or xls format] or in real-time via a web interface.

Contact Information

  • Phone +44-1225-447500
  • Fax +44 1225 448600
  • Netcraft, 2 Belmont, Bath BA1 5DZ England