Netcraft is an innovative internet services company based in Bath, England, with offices in both central Bath and Hammersmith, London. Netcraft conducts internet research, data mining and provides a range of security services, including cybercrime disruption, application security testing, code reviews, and automated penetration testing.

Download Netcraft's recruitment brochure

Download Netcraft’s recruitment brochure

Netcraft provides anti-cybercrime services for nearly three hundred customers worldwide, including large Internet companies (e.g. Microsoft, Netflix), banks (e.g. Metro Bank, BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank), retailers (e.g. Gumtree) and the British Government. It also provides similar services to smaller companies at the sharp end of internet financial crime, including leading crypto-currency exchanges and wallet providers (e.g. Coinbase), and several bona fide Nigerian banks.

Since Summer 2016, Netcraft has defended the UK’s internet infrastructure on behalf of the UK Government working with the National Cyber Security Centre:

The strategy sets out how government will strengthen its own defences [...] We will do this through working in partnership with industry—including companies such as the innovative SME Netcraft—to use automated defence techniques to reduce the impact of cyber-attacks. Previously a website serving web-inject malware would stay active for over a month—now it is less than two days.
The Rt Hon Philip Hammond MP Chancellor of the Exchequer announcing the UK Government’s Cyber Security strategy in Nov 2016

Netcraft has a variety of roles available — including Graduate positions, summer placements, and industrial years — at its offices in Bath and London. Applications are welcomed from all, although applicants must be able to demonstrate the right to work in the United Kingdom. More information on the roles and what it’s like to work with Netcraft can be found below and in our recruitment brochure.

To apply, please send a CV and cover letter to

Working with Netcraft

Some of the technologies used at Netcraft

Some of the technologies used at Netcraft

Netcraft offers:

  • Intellectually challenging work. We’re always trying to stay one step ahead.
  • Have your voice heard. We rely on all employees to come up with great ideas for improvements and new services.
  • Friendly, close-knit atmosphere. Most staff members are based in Bath or London, and we work together closely to achieve our goals.
  • Performance-based bonuses. Bonuses are awarded for gaining competence in different areas of the business, making sales, or otherwise impressing.
  • A free lunch. There is such a thing.

Your initial work might include solving short term issues, which is a good way to discover the company’s information flows, routines, and infrastructure. Also working on our Phishing workflow, constructing regular expressions, augmenting rule-based systems, and performing takedowns, or small development projects.

Further options depend on interests and abilities: you could work on a development project, perform a web application security test, carry out a sales campaign, make improvements to an existing service, or make your own suggestion.


Software Development Roles

Netcraft wants to recruit software developers. Projects involve working on a range of commercial services extending Netcraft’s network exploration and internet security services.

We’re looking for:

  • A broad knowledge of internet technology, including a keen interest in network security, data mining & machine learning, or web-based user interfaces.
  • Attention to detail, and a desire to find things out empirically rather than relying on conjecture.
  • Demonstrable programming ability and experience.
  • Evidence of conspicuous achievement and a strong computing background, consistent with a first-class degree in Computer Science.
  • Expressive verbal and written communications skills in English. Skills in other languages are welcomed.
  • A well-developed sense of precaution: a person who likes to plan for the future with suitable programming abstractions, automated test suites & version control.
  • Prior experience with any of MySQL, Perl, Python, PHP, git, Puppet, Amazon Web Services, JavaScript, HTML 5, CSS, Unix systems programming, or any of the other technologies mentioned on this page would be helpful.

Graduates, Industrial Years, and Summer Placements

Netcraft is very keen to receive applications from high performing Computer Science students wishing to work at Netcraft after graduation, or work here for an industrial year or summer vacation. First-year students’ applications are gladly considered. Plenty of programming experience and some background in the technologies mentioned here are desirable.

Students coming to work at Netcraft over a summer, or for longer on an industrial placement, get the opportunity to work on real projects, with real customers, from the get go. In Bath, for accommodation during the summer, both Bath Spa University and the University of Bath have rooms available to rent at advantageous prices for UK students.

Netcraft is pleased to collaborate with students who have previously spent a summer or industrial year at Netcraft on a final year project of mutual interest. Having a real client helps focus a project, and Netcraft can provide help & support, a large range of relevant and up-to-date data feeds, domain-specific knowledge, as well careful guidance. Previous projects have scored extremely highly.

Collaborating with Netcraft on my final year project was an awesome experience. The invaluable guidance and resources provided allowed me to build a system with real world impact and produce a prize-winning dissertation.

Sales Positions

Netcraft requires additional sales people to sell its internet services. The role involves both account management and new business development, including generating prospects, responding to inquiries, proposal writing, and helping determine strategy for new services.

Netcraft's customers are spread across the world

Netcraft’s customers are spread across the world

Candidates should;

  • Provide evidence of prior sales achievement, and demonstrate that they have the attention to detail and determination necessary to succeed in a competitive environment.
  • Possess articulate verbal communications skills, and the ability to write well.
  • Be likeable and candid, capable of building long term relationships with clients, and further extending Netcraft’s high level of repeat business.
  • Have a grasp of a broad range of internet technology, and an enthusiasm to learn.
  • Be confident using contemporary office technology, including electronic mail, RSS feeds, Instant Messaging, Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel) and wiki.
  • Fluency in languages other than English is also very much of interest.

A significant part of Netcraft’s business is in the US, and time zone differences make it likely that a good chunk of weekday evenings is spent working.

Business Development

Netcraft requires a Business Developer. Core activities could include reviewing web sites content, liaising with internet infrastructure companies on fraud, malware & phishing attacks against our customers, research, events organisation, recruitment, and sales support according to interests and aptitude.

The candidate should have the following attributes:

  • academically successful;
  • likeable and candid, conscientious, capable of building relationships with staff & clients and extending Netcraft’s high level of repeat business;
  • an attention to detail and determination to succeed;
  • well organised, with an enthusiasm to learn;
  • articulate verbal communications skills, and the ability to write well;
  • have a grasp of a broad range of contemporary internet & office technology e.g. Instant Messaging, Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel), wiki, social media;

Living and Working in Bath

One of Netcraft's offices in a Georgian townhouse in Bath, England.

One of Netcraft’s offices in Bath.

The whole City of Bath is a UNESCO World Heritage site thanks to its hot springs, Roman Baths, Georgian architecture, and its green setting. Netcraft has two offices in central Bath, both in converted Georgian townhouses. A pleasant five-minute walk separates the two.

You can see green hills and fields from most places in central Bath so you don’t feel hemmed in and in a totally urban environment. This was a big one for me after leaving London.

Bath is well-placed for both rail and car travel: J18 of the M4 is nearby, and Bath Spa station is a 15-minute walk from our offices. Bristol Airport is 45 minutes by car. From Bath Spa railway station, you can reach Bristol in 15 minutes and London in 90.

Making Contact

Send a CV and cover letter to to get started.