Gap Year Opportunities at Netcraft

Netcraft is keen to receive applications from high-achieving students wishing to take a gap year before starting university in autumn 2018.

Anyone with good A Levels would be of interest and the opportunity is not restricted to people intending a particular course. Fluency in a non-English language could definitely be used, ditto any interest in internet technology or programming.

To illustrate, past students who have worked with us are doing courses in Computer Science, Law, Business Administration, Economics, Modern Languages, Maths and Physics. There is the opportunity to shape work content towards your skills and intended degree.

About Netcraft

Netcraft provides anti-cybercrime services for nearly three hundred customers worldwide, including large Internet companies (e.g. Microsoft, Netflix), banks (e.g. Metro Bank, BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank), retailers (e.g. Gumtree, and the British Government. It also provides similar services to smaller companies at the sharp end of internet financial crime, including leading crypto-currency exchanges and wallet providers (e.g. Coinbase), and several bona fide Nigerian banks.

Netcraft also performs security tests of websites and mobile applications, especially those that handle sensitive financial data, such as banks and shops.

In the UK we work with the National Cyber Security Centre to provide highly automated countermeasures against all kinds of cybercrime.

Please take a look at our recruitment booklet here.

What are we looking for?

We’re looking for a Business Administrator to join us in central Bath. Core activities could include reviewing web sites content, liaising with internet infrastructure companies on cybercrime attacks against our customers, research, events organisation, recruitment, and sales support according to interests and aptitude.

Additionally, we would be pleased to receive applications from students who have strong computing backgrounds and are intending studying computer science at university, for a range of automation tasks.

You should have the following attributes:

  • academically successful;
  • likeable and candid, conscientious, capable of building relationships with staff & clients and extending Netcraft’s high level of repeat business;
  • an attention to detail and determination to succeed;
  • well organised, with an enthusiasm to learn;
  • articulate verbal communications skills, and the ability to write well;
  • have a grasp of a broad range of contemporary internet & office technology e.g. Instant Messaging, Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel), wiki, social media;

My job title was business administrator but the company‚Äôs workflow is very event driven and I had to undertake many different tasks depending on what needed to be done that day. This meant I spent a lot of time outside of a traditional administrative role, helping develop services, training and participating in removing various criminal attacks (e.g. phishing, malware, ransomware, advance fee frauds) from the internet. The part of the job that I enjoyed most was when I was able to improve internal systems.”

– Student, Summer 2017

How can I apply?
Please apply by sending a CV to