Phishing Alerts for Registrars and Hosting Providers

Domain name registrars and hosting companies may often find that they are unwittingly providing facilities for phishing.

Having access to timely, professionally validated alerts when phishing sites are deployed using their infrastructure is operationally efficient and responsible for both registrars and hosting companies, and an important part of preserving their company’s reputation.

Netcraft produces a continuously updated phishing feed that is very widely used. At least three separate third party studies have found it to be the most comprehensive feed available. The feed is used in all the major web browsers and it is also licensed by many of the leading anti-virus, content filtering, web-hosting and domain registration companies.

Phishing sites are submitted to the feed by the Netcraft Anti-Phishing Extension user community. Reporters range from individuals submitting phishing mails that they have personally received, to specialist security researchers and several of the largest banks and financial payment systems. All submissions are carefully validated before being added to the feed.

Over 68 million unique phishing sites have been detected and blocked by Netcraft’s community to date [November 2019].

Registrars, hosting providers and ISPs are able to provide a footprint of their IP addresses, name servers and WHOIS servers, such that when we validate a phishing report, they receive an alert if the phishing site is using any aspect of their infrastructure.

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