Mobile Phishing Protection

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Screenshot of Netcraft’s Android app blocking a phishing website.

By analysing log files recovered from phishing sites, Netcraft found that over two thirds of visits to phishing sites are from mobile devices. Android uses Google’s Safe Browsing API to block phishing attacks. However, Google’s Mobile Safe Browsing feed is not identical to the feed used in desktop Chrome. In a study performed in 2018, Netcraft found that only a fraction of the blocks are made available to mobile users.

Protection for consumers

Netcraft’s anti-phishing app for Android devices makes use of Netcraft’s industry-leading anti-phishing feed to instantly block access to phishing sites discovered by Netcraft.

Over 57.4 million million unique phishing sites have been detected and blocked by Netcraft’s system to date [February 2019]. Netcraft’s anti-phishing feed is used by all major web browsers and many of the leading anti-virus, content filtering, web hosting and domain registration companies.

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  • Block phishing attacks while browsing the web.
  • Defeat SMS phishing (“smishing”) attacks.
  • Report newly-discovered phishing attacks to help protect other users, and receive prizes for doing so.
  • View statistics to see how the app is protecting you.

Netcraft’s app provides free protection for a 28 day trial period, after which a small monthly or annual subscription fee is required. The app can be used to report phishing sites to Netcraft without a subscription.

Protection for businesses

Protecting your employees

Bulk licences

Bulk licences for Netcraft’s anti-phishing app are available for businesses interested in protecting their employees from phishing attacks on company-managed devices.

Branded apps

Netcraft can also provide bespoke versions of the app that include your company’s branding and other custom features.

Protecting your customers

App collaboration

App collaboration is the simplest way to provide phishing protection to your customers. If Netcraft’s app detects that your company’s app is installed on the user’s device then the anti-phishing functionality, which normally requires a subscription, is automatically provided to the user for free.

Library integration

The technology underpinning Netcraft’s anti-phishing app is also available as a library suitable for embedding in Android apps, allowing you to provide phishing protection to all customers who use your app.

The Android library uses accessibility services, available in Android 4.3 or later, to block access to Netcraft’s entire phishing site feed in popular web browsers, including Chrome and apps “powered by Chrome”.

Technical documentation and support for integrating the library in your app is provided.

More information

Please get in touch by email at or phone +44 (0) 1225 447500 for more information.