Phishing Site Feed

Netcraft Anti-Phishing Extension community protects your users against Phishing

Netcraft first launched its anti-phishing system in 2005: people can install the Netcraft Anti-Phishing Extension and become part of a giant neighbourhood watch system whereby the most experienced members of the community can report phishing sites and have them blocked for the rest of the community.

Over 68 million unique phishing sites have been detected and blocked by Netcraft’s community to date [October 2019] and it has featured widely in the media from the Financial Times & Wall St. Journal through to Slashdot.

Many of the world’s largest banks report their confirmed phishing reports into the Netcraft feed, and third party tests by C|Net and Ziff Davis have assessed the Netcraft Anti-Phishing Extension as the most effective anti-phishing service. The feed is used in all the major web browsers and it is also licensed by many of the leading anti-virus, content filtering, web-hosting and domain registration companies.

Netcraft makes the list of phishing sites reported by the Anti-Phishing Extension user community and validated by Netcraft available as a continuously updated feed suitable for network administrators and internet service providers.

The feed can be used to prevent customers and employees from succumbing to phishing attacks and presents an excellent opportunity for service providers to win new customers and reassure existing ones by taking a proactive stance against fraud.

Additionally the feed can be taken by software developers to allow them to integrate anti-phishing services into their products. The Netcraft Phishing Site Feed is already used in many widely used anti-virus, firewall, mail and proxy services.

Integration with your services

The phishing site feed offers real time protection against phishing. This can be deployed in a variety of ways:

  • Integration with mail servers and spam filters to prevent customers from receiving emails that contain phishing URLs, and also to prevent such emails from being sent.
  • Integration with web proxies to deny access when a phishing URL is visited.
  • Integration with anti-virus and malware scanners to provide greater all-round protection to the customer against fraud.
  • Integration with advertising networks to prevent advertisers submitting malicious URLs.
Phishing Feed Details

The phishing site feed is a continuously updated encrypted database of patterns that match phishing URLs reported by the Netcraft Anti-Phishing Extension user community and validated by Netcraft.

This feed employs a versioning system to ensure that customers who have fallen behind can catch up incrementally, or if necessary, by requesting the full database.

While the feed is available for a wide range of existing proxy servers and mail servers, reference code and technical documentation is supplied to demonstrate how to integrate the feed into new products and services.

We also regularly re-test the phishing URLs in the feed so that they can be removed once the fraudulent content has gone. This ensures that end users of the feed are not prevented from accessing any legitimate content on a previously compromised site for longer than is necessary, and reduces requests from webmasters for their sites to be un-blocked.

Support pertaining to the service is available via electronic mail and telephone.

More Information

Please contact us ( for pricing, giving details of the program that you would like it to interface, and the approximate number of users you have.

If you would like to join the Netcraft anti-phishing community, the Anti-Phishing Extension can be downloaded from