Globally trusted defense against cybercrime

Combining detection, threat intelligence and robust disruption & takedown, Netcraft’s automated digital risk protection platform keeps your organization and customers safe from phishing, scams, fraud and cyber attacks.

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Defeating cyber attacks with unmatched scale and effectiveness

Netcraft’s online brand protection operates 24/7 to discover phishing, fraud, scams, and cyber attacks through extensive automation, AI, machine learning, and human insight. Our disruption & takedown service ensures that malicious content is blocked and removed quickly and efficiently—typically within hours.

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of the world’s phishing attacks taken down

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threat reports and suspicious URLs analyzed every day

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cybercrime attacks blocked to date

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attacks taken down and growing

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A focus on innovation to keep up with ever-evolving cybercrime trends

Cybercriminals are constantly evolving—adapting new ways to attack your customers, employees, and your organization’s reputation. Effective brand protection requires extensive automation, constant innovation, experience, and expertise.

Our cutting-edge technology provides end-to-end cybercrime detection, threat intelligence, and disruption & takedown solutions backed by in-house expertise and decades of experience.

Netcraft’s cybercrime detection & disruption platform

From brand protection, uncovering a wide variety of potential cyber attacks and surfacing carefully validated threat intelligence to rapid response with industry-leading takedown speeds, Netcraft’s digital risk protection platform maximizes protection for your brand, organization, employees, and customers.

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Cybercrime Detection

Netcraft’s automated detection operates around the clock to identify malicious websites as well as fraudulent domains, social media profiles, email campaigns and more.


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Threat Intelligence

Our extensive automation and advanced machine learning techniques convert vast amounts of disparate data into actionable intelligence.


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Disruption & Takedowns

Once confirmed, we block, disrupt and take down cyber attacks at scale. Access is quickly restricted for billions of people, and takedown notifications are sent within minutes.


The Netcraft difference

We are the world’s largest takedown provider, and centrally positioned in the global fight against cybercrime. Our detection, disruption, and takedown solutions are highly automated, powered by the vast amounts of data we collect every day and backed by the expertise of our in-house team.

Most importantly, we capitalize on our long-standing relationships within the infrastructure community to quickly mitigate the harmful impact of cyber attacks.

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