Going inside the scam.

Using AI to expose and combat hidden P2P messaging scams.

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Watch Netcraft’s VP of Product Strategy, Rob Duncan, and Director of Engineering, Graham Edgecombe, as they reveal scams previously hidden in P2P messaging channels. Using Conversational Scam Intelligence, Netcraft’s AI personas interact with criminals in real-time, exposing the infrastructure behind investment scams, romance scams, pig butchering, and advance fee fraud. This innovative data extraction offers new insights to empower scam interdiction and proactive countermeasures, disrupting criminal transactions and eliminating infrastructure.

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We’ll show you…

Real Interactions

Examples of real interactions with fraudsters, featuring our AI generated messages and their replies.

Industry Insights

Netcraft research exposes critical insight into these threats and how they’ll impact your 2025 priorities and plans.

Taking Action

What actions and technologies you should consider in order to protect your institution from these types of attacks.

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20M attacks taken down and counting

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