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Corporate Social Responsibility


Every day, we encourage our Netcraft team to approach their work with wisdom, intelligence, and compassion—striving to make choices that positively impact the world.


At Netcraft, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is rooted in the belief that every individual’s actions can foster a better society. It’s not just about policies and programmes from the top; we call this collective effort NetPositive.

Our three principles

Our framework has three principles we follow and the programmes we have developed to focus on where we have, or want to have, meaningful impact or influence. Our people care about the impact we have on the world and our local communities.

Giving back to our communities through education, charity, and the volunteering time off programme.

Empowering people by embracing our differences through respect, diversity, and inclusivity.​

Protecting our environment by seeking ways of working more sustainably and reducing our carbon footprint.

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