Hosting Provider Analysis

Netcraft produces a dataset which provides a worldwide analysis of hosting companies. Each of the sites found in our monthly Web Server Survey is attributed to a hosting location using reverse DNS and IP address delegation information. Data for these networks is aggregated into parent companies so that a league table of companies controlling the largest number of web sites is produced.

Data is produced for a number of different metrics, allowing analysis based on the number of hostnames, active sites and IP addresses used by the company.

Excerpts from January 2016
Hosting by Hostnames, Domains & Active SitesHosting by Active Domains & IP Addresses

The dataset is presented in an Excel spreadsheet and provides a variety of different filters and selections allowing analysis by country, operating system, and web server software. It is also possible to inspect absolute numbers, rate of growth and technology deployed at individual companies.

Each release of the spreadsheet includes data for the most recent four months, along with six and twelve month views, providing a detailed analysis of hosting company trends.

Top 5 Hosters by IP AddressLargest numbers of IP Addresses, January 2016.


  • The dataset does not give access to the underlying web site hostnames. Selections of site details including hostnames, hosting location, operating system, web server software, traffic and content technologies may be purchased separately.
  • Only sites found by the Web Server Survey will be included. The number of hosts found running internet web sites by the Web Server Survey is large [over 1.7 billion in February 2017], but not exhaustive.
  • Attributing a site to a hosting company requires that the hoster provides a reverse DNS server for the network. In some cases where no reverse DNS server is configured, the hoster for a site will be shown as unknown.
More Information

The dataset is updated on a monthly basis and is available on a company license basis.

Please contact us ( for further information of costs.